Modular Edge Optimized Datacenter Solutions To Fit Your Computing Needs

Our customizable modular platform allows users to build the datacenter that perfectly fits their needs.  The size options available provide the ideal blend of density and efficiency needed to support decentralized applications, cryptocurrency mining, cold/offline storage, HPC, broadband, 5G and everything in between.

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We utilize a streamlined site preparation process to reduce initial construction time, cost, and allow for easy expansion as your computational needs grow.  

The rack and ventilation systems are environmentally efficient designs which reduce cooling costs for computationally intensive workloads like HPC and cryptocurrency mining without the need for expensive liquid or immersion cooling systems.  

The universal rack grid system inside each unit is designed to reduce cabling costs and allow users a huge variety of options with regards to cluster and network topologies. 




6 Racks
Up to 60 kW per rack*
Single cooling unit

12 Racks
Up to 75kW per rack*
Dual Cooling Unit

30 Racks
Up to 1.5MW total unit power*
Multiple cooling configurations available

*Compute and cooling power calculated separately.